Yesterday was awful-awesome-shocked day for me. Awful because I taught my friend were angry with me because something (honestly, it was not important for me). Awesome and shocked because I got rank 2 in my class! What a awesome and shocked day yesterday ._. But I am not a smart student. Believe that?!?! No?!?! Let me tell my fashion life -___- my fashion life is terrible! I did not upload my new pictures!!! And next week, I will take some pictures in Kebun Raya Bogor and Sempur Park after church. Hmpfh, it makes me so hubbub ._. I have to do my homework and school project. But I have to do my fashion blogger competition. So, I do not know my manager will be angry or upset or 'huuuhh' with me. Hmm, I swear, it makes me so hubbub, crazy, and ............................... I am speechless now. Bye. See you soon! ;)

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