Playful Time

Playful time is fun! I wore pink short dress with peach cardigan also pink stocking. I wore red brown headband!

Photos by : Elisabeth Astari
Edited by : Linda Natawiria and Elisabeth Astari

Linda Natawiria


Regina said...

Hey hey hey hello Linda! I like your dress and cardigan, haha
Oh you wore pink stocking? Actually I can't see it, heheh :p
I like your blog, keep on it! :D
Btw, actually I know you, we study at the same school, and I'm so happy when I know that I'm not the only one {well, with my friend} who is fashion blogger in RP JHS ;D


Regina Carmanita
Anggi and Tin's Corner
Blithe SeƱorita

Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

Hello Regina! Thank you!! :D really? Oh, I see... Are Regina Anggia right? :P well, we have the same passion! :D

Regina said...

He'eh, just call me Anggi :D
Yeah, sometimes I think it's so hard to be a fashion blogger in Indonesia, and in RP haha

Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

Okay Anggi ;) yeap! I feel so awkward when I admit myself I'm fashion blogger :|

Regina said...

Gw bisa panggil lw apa? Linda? Hehe
Iya, kadang orang bakal anggep kita lucu atau aneh :/

Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

Linda aja hehe yoii biar orang lain yg nilai kita sendiri aja hahaha :)