Lolipop Syududu

Aloha!! I have a week of holiday! Thank you for 9th grader btw! ;;) Good luck for your School Exam :)
I took this photos with my friend, Elisabeth Astari. Hmm, yaa a little bit annoying. My brother laughed while he was looking my photos. Zzzzz -...- last Christmas holiday, I came to Astari's house. We were talking about a lot and a lot *never mind* and we decided to take some photos for my blog. And............................THIS! Below this... Syudududu.... How do I look? Ugly? Oh yeah. It's me. Beautiful? Damn, don't be a liar >< Cute? ._.

What I wore:
Pink stocking
Peach cardigan from Bandung Butik
Brown scarf from Stroberi
Denim short from Astari's collection
Astari's accessories

Linda Natawiria

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