February 25th, 2012

Brule Von Cotton Candy was coming to my house! That was the funny moment :'D
Okay, he is annoying -_- but I love him :)
So, I wanna tell you about him :)

He named Brule Von Cotton Candy. But my brothers did not like it. So, they changed his name became Zoro. You know what?! I really really did not like Zoro's name. So, I changed became Zoe :) Yeap, it's a good name, I think.
He's beagle. He's so hyperactive. Sometimes I don't like his act, but sometimes his act so cute :3
He was born on October 5th, 2011♥
Kiww, 11 days before I celebrated 14th birthday XD #nevermind
My daddy bought Zoe from his friend, Aunty Tiwi. Aunty Tiwi told me and my brothers about Zoe's activity. Seriously, I did not interest with Zoe's activity. But God tells me. I must know and learn from Zoe :)
Mm, I got 6 pictures about Zoe from my brother's cellphone. Sorry for the pictures :(

Linda Natawiria


Regina said...

ih lucu banget lin! hahaha i like his name ;)

Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

thank you thank youu :)

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Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

thanks :)