21st April is the most wonderful event for me and the other women in my country, Indonesia. We celebrate Kartini Day. What is that? Kartini is a great lady from Jepara. She's great until now and her spirit always burn in our soul. So, I and Elisabeth Astari, and my mom too celebrated Kartini Day in Hatsu Tei! We ate many sushi and friends. Never minda huh x[


I was so excited! We shared about food and many more. We talked about our favorites and about Japan! Aaaaaaaaaa Ai and I were talking about our future, and mom told us if we will getting married, our dream will be ------ :((

So sad to hear that. But I believe, someday I will be a great lady like Kartini

Ai and I

Mom's favorite

Hot Ocha

Octopus Nigiri

Linda Natawiria

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