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Last day of holiday T_T ohh why ? Okay, I admit that. This 4 days of holiday was so boring and so annoying. I couldn't sleep what I wanted and I couldn't take a rest longer. But I love to spend my holiday with joined courses, practiced piano, violin, and organ, and my interesting .... is .... BLOGGING! XD

This my outfit post for holiday. Yesterday I uploaded some photos, but now I uploaded some photos too .-. 
 I wrote this while I was continuing my English task. Yaap, drama. About Rama and Shinta. How wonderful that ;) I love their love story. Not like me T_T (just forget him and focus on your school, Linda)

I found my mom closet. She is really really love vintage (I think) and she is collecting some unique stuff. And I'm jealous about that :O :O :O never minda pleasee *.* so I just wore her shoes, brown boots. Whooaaa I love her shoes and her closet! All of them ^^

 My mom's boots

Oh, I was soo ugly and look soo older than my age (14 yo)

I found this top from my closet. Haaayaa this mom's too x_x sorry mom... I love your clothes! XP
And this skirt. Baloon white skirt is mine! Yeap, mine (finally) :) I love this skirt. But it's too short.

In front of my room


Oh, I was soo ugly and ... 
Yeah, it was taken by my brother, Bimo Natawiria

Linda Natawiria


Regina said...

ihhh suka banget liiinn!! bootnya, dressnya, jaketnya, woogghh O.o hahahaha XD

Linda Natawiria said...

thank youuuuuuu XD enak yaa udah free :--(

Nathalie Kartika Putri said...

loving your dress and jacket's detail! thanks for following me, i'm following back :)


Yessica said...

Nice shirt! =D

Linda Natawiria said...

Thankyou! =))

Vale @ Fashion and Cookies said...

You're pretty ! I like your sense of style !

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Lucija said...

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Squared said...

Very cool blog! Come by and let's follow each other:)! Stay in touch xx