Sunny Day

 Last Saturday, I and Elisabeth Astari, went to Taman Kencana to have a lunch. So, we decided to have a lunch at Es Buah Pak Ewok. At there, we ate es buah, batagor, bakso ajib, and I drank mineral water ._. After we had a lunch, we walked to the park. We took some photos, and gotcha! Saturday was very very hot.

 What I wore:
orange unbranded shirt, Moon Blove Jeans, and my mom's jacket

 After we had a crazy time in front of the camera, we went to Botani Square. Hayaaahh! What were we do at there? Nothing. And before went to the church, we bought some drinks. LOL.

 Elisabeth Astari

Linda Natawiria


Regina said...

I like the shirt! Hahaha these days were HOT

Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

Thank you! Yoyy... Hahaha

L.T. said...

Love the color of the shirt!

Diary of Linda Natawiria said...


Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Great outfit! Love the color of the shirt paired with the denim =) X


Linda Natawiria said...

Thanks! =))