What Should I Do?

Aloha! I wanna tell you about this feeling. I know it's too disgusting. But ... Hmpfh, I can't tell you. I was bored when holiday came. 9th graders were having school exam. So the 7th and 8th graders had a full week holiday. I didn't know what should I do. Maybe I had a violin lesson, Kumon lesson, and another activity. So, I took a few photos with webcam. It's look soooo weirdoo -...- never minda. 
Oh yeah, this week, I have 5 days holiday. I must go to church. First, Kamis Putih. I had one task from church. I became lektris! Yeay! But, it's too night for me. 8 p.m. What should I do? Sleepy and nervous. I can't tell more. Gah. And....... I'm upset when I knew if my crush didn't work with me. Grrrr..... But just leave it and just work in God's field ;;)
And, the second is Jumat Agung. I went to church with Helena Ratna, my besties a long long ago. We wore black dress and wedges. You know what? A few boys were flirting us when we walked to church. -_- I couldn't kick they because I wore skirt. What the hell yeah -_- and after we arrived to church, I saw my crush, and Helena called him. He saw me, and I saw him. What a good day is it! But Helena just laughed and laughed and laughed. She told me if he loves me. Isn't it? Never minda hahahahahaha =)) and today, I woke up and got message from my crush! *dance* he asked me something *secret!!* I replied and waited 2 hours! Oh God, I knew he slept at 1 a.m. -_- So, this feeling tell me that I'm in love head over heels with him =)) hahahahahahahaha today I wanna meet him. Sorry, but I can't tell this feeling to my besties. Today is Easter Eve. I will wear batik and wedges (again :D) and I going to go to church with Helena! Yeaayy!! So, that's my love story in April. How about you ? :D

Linda Natawiria


Regina said...

aduh yang lagi berbunga-bunga.. hahahaha mau ngedate nih ceritanya lin?? XD

Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

no !! hahahaha he's mine since one year ago #ups LOL XD he's my besties kok ;;) sering pulang bareng kalo dari gereja :D


Lovee Your Blog!!! <33

i'm following you now. Mind to follow back?


Diary of Linda Natawiria said...

Thank you!! Already follwed yaah ;;)