The Black Plate

 Today was amazing! I can't tell you how amazing today was. Today my school celebrated farewell party for 9th graders. Theme for this party was THE BLACK PLATE with CLASSIC COLOR dresscode.

 Today I wore this outfit for the party. Look fattier right? Hahahaha I wore vintage dress with long peach cardigan, pink stocking, and Converse sneakers! \m/ this photo was taken by Tin, Anggia's friend. Thanks so muchos kakak kakak! :D

 And this! Yeay finally I had photo with Godelva LOL :P what the hell just because we felt bored and took many pictures XD

Opit and Rahel as MC. Applause for them pleasee *applause* they did verry well. Thanks for the greatest parteh!

 9th graders with Mrs. Retno, our principal

Shock in action. Left: me (Linda Natawiria), Godelva, There

Congratulation for you guys! You did very good :)

Bad Brothers in action. Yeay! They made the party became so fun! =)


I love while they were singing a song! Luv yaa ;;)

Aldo and Ervin in action. Dear Aldo, you're so cool! I mean, while you were beat boxing. And Ervin, you have a good voice! Aaa love when you song =)

Kak Dion (left) and Kak Adit (right)
Thanks for gorgeous music btw!


After party done, I called Helen to pick me up in street near my house. And before I walked and went home, I met Gitta, and then I called Helen if I went home with Gitta so I asked Helen to pick us up. But Helen told me if she brought her friend, Anes :)
Okay, Gitta doesn't know about Anes, so I went home with Anes by motorcycle. So annoying huh Anes couldn't drive slowly and slowly. But Helen too -.- okay forget that
And today I was walking with them after we arrived at Gitta's house. Me and Anes didn't come to Gitta's house. Uuuuuuuuu I remember that Gitta was one of the 9th graders in my school. :(
Okay, I wanna sleep now. Thanks for reading! See you on the next post ;)

Linda Natawiria


Regina said...

Hahahaha loveee this post, great job for the shock faces!! Hwahahahah!!
Gonna miss JHS, but SHS, here I come!! Hahaha bye bye Lin, and JHS.. we'll meet again, somedays.. :)

Linda Natawiria said...

hahahaha thank you! love shock in action LOL :P miss me? ahahaha oh damn, 6 days left become 9th grader :') byebyee! see you in SHS! :)

Regina said...

Yeah gonna miss ALL of you, hahahaha XD
And now 5 days left?? Wow, stunning huh? Hahahaha, okay, even there's 5 days left, I'd love to say, "Happy entering the adventurous days of 9th grade! You'll find SO much thrilling experiences!!"

Linda Natawiria said...

And say hi to national exam x_x cieee SHS student :p hahaha

Regina said...

Hehehe it will be easy if you study well, believe me ;)
And cie to myself :p hwahahahha

Linda Natawiria said...

yeah and believe in God O:)
okayy next year I will say cie to myself :p