Call Me Maybe

Summer! Hahahaha finally :D
I've waited for this time! Yeay, summer! I can go anywhere and anytime XD
Now, I'm in love with someone else (mm, I mean a celebrity -_-), yeap! She is Carly Rae Jepsen!
I love her song, Call Me Maybe. It's unique and sounds good. You must try to listen that song hahaha ;D
Just click here :)

Now, let me tell about my holiday for a week and my holiday plans for a week. One week ago, report day! Huh hah huh hah I worried about my last score for this last semester at grade 9. And then, when report day, I was swimming with my friends, Helen and Ai :D
After swim, I went to mall to see my mom and discuss about my score. Guess what? My mom is very proud of me :) not my mom only, all of my family :) *dancing* not a perfect score, but it's good and I swear, I felt a little bit disappointed with my score. My mom said, it's okay, you can do better than this at grade 9.

On the next day, I did what I must to do. Yeah, took a kumon course for *counting* 4-5 months left :')
Then, Saturday, I went to mall with Ai. I bought many stuff. Aaaaaaannnddd I was very very very really really really happy! I met my boyfriend at there! But he didn;t speak with me or said hello to me :'( *crying*
At the evening, I felt very hungry and remember that I lost a lot of money. So, I decided to go to meet my parents and ask them for dinner together eheheh :p

On Monday, I joined dancing class. It's jazz. I love it <3
On Tuesday, yeah, I had a little accident (not a little really). I fell from the motorcycle -_- it hurts and feel pain (yeah, I always talking about that with my friends, Helen)
and today *jengjengjeng* I spent my day (not along day) at home. It's very comfortable. Hahahaha these 2 photos from 1-2 weeks ago. Please enjoy!


Hahahaha this is me :S

Linda Natawiria

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