June and Love

Hello! 2 days left before I celebrate anniversary with my boyfriend :)
I wanna tell you about June last year. Yeah, what happened?
June last year, I celebrated farewell party with my classmates and my crush (honestly an ...) then I was fell in love with him so muchos x_x
Last year, I wore this outfit. Theme from that party was 80's
Enjoy the photos! :)

top: gift, unbranded skirt, Buccheri shoes

These photos was taken by Helena Ratna :D

Linda Natawiria


Regina said...

Aww who's that, Lin?? Hahahaha, congrats deh, udah setaun nii hahaha
Love your shoes!! Ouww XD

Linda Natawiria said...

not 1 year eheheh 1 month kok kalo yang sekarang ;;) 19months failedd ;;(

thanks thanks XD