No Camera

For this week, I haven't a photoshoot just because my daddy took the camera. What the hell yeah -_- but I'm pretty busy for this week. Oh yeah, today I was bought one dress (only one T.T) with my friend, Helena. Vintage dress and I think if I wear that dress I look fattier than my body. So tomorrow will be the greatest day in my school. There will be a farewell party for 9th graders. 7th and 8th graders also. Theme of the farewell party is THE BLACK PLATE. Dresscode is classic color. First, I really really don't know about classic color. What is classic color and where I can get the classic color. So someone told me that classic color is grey, red, black, milk white, peach, and mm sephia color. Okay, I know. I opened my closet and saw that if I don't have the classic color! Oh damn! What should I do? I remember that Saturday and Sunday, my family and I would went to Bandung. I remember that Bandung is Paris van Java (blablabla o_O) and there are many stores who sell many shoes and many clothes. I decided to find the clothes with Helena. And ta daaahh! I got it! So tomorrow I wanna tell you more and more about my clothes and the farewell party in my school. See you on the next post! =)

Linda Natawiria

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