Hello holla hai hi! Long time no see my blog :(
Aaaannndd now I wanna tell you about many more I had at July :]
July? Well, first day at school and first month at school. Awkward and at first sight, I didn't really like my classmates. Yeah, not really.
And this month, August, I have many many many school stuffs, tasks, exams, tests, and additional lesson. So, Monday-Thursday I have additional lesson and school ends at 14.25 WIB -.-
I must fighting for this senior year! I decide to go to boarding school. Yeah, high school and boarding school and another city. I wish God will hear my wishes and ... *pray*
Well, I just tell you not too much because I have do my homeworks
Oh yeah, I have new hair! Check my instagram: lindanatawiria XD

Linda Natawiria

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