Hello fellas! Finally test is over. Well, it was over since Friday. I miss blogging. And, this morning, I was late. I woke up at 7 o'clock and blablabla and yaah, stuck in front of the closet. So, I decided to wear green tank top with animal print cardigan and jeans today. Sorry, I can't upload those photos because I have to go to church earlier than my brothers did. Here's my photos about my daily routine.

 While I was in Bandung, I made candle! These is my candle! I gave it for my mom <3 br="br">

 I got these for about 2 months ago from my lil sista, Priscil. So proud to be her sister! Thank you Priscil! :]

Those are my favorite songs!
 Remember that I am in level O now, I have to work like horse. My goal is to be a completer, so I can go to senior high easily

 And this is from There! Awww thank you! It's very cute, and I really really love it. :]

Linda Natawiria

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