Before Christmas

"Christmas was always a big holiday in our family. Every Christmas Eve before we'd go to bed, my mom and dad would to us two or three stories and they would always be 'The Happy Prince', 'The Gift of the Magi', and 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' and I would like to keep that alive." - Cameron Mathison

Christmas Eve this year is without my mom. She went to Surabaya because my cousin was going to christened. Congratulations, my dearest cousin! Thank to God, my mom will back to Bogor tomorrow afternoon. It means on Christmas Day, I can see her, right?
 top - my mom's , dress - unbranded, shoes - colorbox, necklace - bought in Yogyakarta

Today my family (except my mom) and I went to church. Unfortunately, it was raining when we were ready to go to church. Because of rain, please look at my shoes. I wore that pair of shoes again. Oh man, I'm totally bored with that shoes (I admit that) but the weather says that I couldn't use heels or wedges. It's okay, because it matched with the outfit.
 About 1-2 years ago, my mom brought this necklace from Yogyakarta. She asked me by phone which one that I like, butterfly or flower. So, I chose butterfly because flower is too mainstream. Well, I used this necklace for the second time. The first time I wore this was last Christmas Eve. It means last year. Now, I wore it again because I'm in love with that.
The last, yesterday I didn't have any idea why I painted this. I just felt bored with holiday. I got bored with movies and started to watch Korean drama. I remember that I have to earn money because I always have no money in my pocket, wallet, bag, ATM, or yeah I mean there's no enough money. So, I decided to make some paintings or art projects maybe to earn money. Well, this is my painting.

Merry Christmas fellas! Hope you have a nice holiday and may God bless you and your family! 

Linda Natawiria