Classy and Simplicity

"I love college life" - Lil' Romeo

These are my best shots in college life. I mean, I'm not a college student yet, but I've decided my major in high school. I think Indonesia has a complicated education system so you do not know about college. I just came back from Jakarta. In Jakarta, the weather was getting warmer, but when I arrived in Bogor, the weather was getting warmer and wind blew. I only wore long t-shirt and pair of jeans. This is the most comfortable outfit if you want to go to school or college. Please, don't say that I need a statement necklace!
I really love these photos taken by Monica Marcillia! She is a photogenic and she is good at photography! She has many ideas to take these pictures!

  • Mom's long t-shirt
  • Louis jeans
  • Colorbox shoes
  • Heejou bag
So, this is the end of my post today. I'm getting crazy about the school and grades. There's no C in my report and I got 2 As in my report and I just say thank you thank you and thank you. I know I have to work harder than last term. Just wish me tons of luck!

photography: Monica Marcillia

Linda Natawiria


Eka Patriargadani said...

good luck with the major you've choosen! :)


Karina Dinda R. said...

I love this simple outfit :) And good luck dear!

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Karina Dinda R. ♥

Anonymous said...

Pasti ini hari sabtu........ I saw youuu

Sarah Rizaga said...

Lovely post.

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Steffi Santa said...

Nice pictures! Good luck with the upcoming college life!


Sophio Konjaria said...

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nun khalida said...

Fighting dear! :))


Putri Valentina said...

Good luck for your college life and don't forget to have some fun :D



such pretty photos, awesome post!


♥ Ellen
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Ine Elsa Putri said...

Nice post,

ohh ya, wanna follow each other?
I'll follow back you, :)
thank you


Maggie Johana said...

simple and nice outfit!


eni k. said...

What luck: start a blog when you're young!!!! Compliments for you blog and for this outfit. Simply and casual at same time.I'm a new blogger from Italy....I don't speak (and write) English very well. If you want, take a look at my blog.
Eni K.


Regine Karpel said...


in.the.jungle.of.fashion. said...

beautiful photos! you're pretty :)
what about follow each other?
let me know :)
have a lovely day <3

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